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School Climate Survey

School Staff


Please read each question carefully, and select the answer that most closely fits your opinion. Be sure to answer every question, and when you are done, please review your survey to ensure that it is fully completed. We appreciate your taking the time to do the survey.

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements about YOUR SCHOOL:

1. The school's schedule allows adequate time for teacher collaboration.

2. The school's schedule allows adequate time for teacher preparation and planning.

3. Students at this school learn ways to manage time.

4. The school environment is clean and in good condition.

5. I take pride in the apperance of the school.

6. I feel safe outside on the school grounds.

7. I feel safe in the hallways and bathrooms.

8. I feel safe in the classrooms.

9. Students are safe at this school.

10. In this school, we teach ways to resolve disagreements so that everyone can be satisfied with the outcomes.

11. Students at this school are well-behaved.

12. Students at this school dont care about learning.

13. I spend a great deal of time dealing with students' social and emotional challenges.

14. The school community has high expectations of all students.

15. Students have pride in the school.

16. My class enrollments are too large.

17. Students at this school get the chance to work independently.

18. School administrators give me useful feedback on my teaching.

19. Some students at this school just cannot be motivated to do the work.

20. Students at this school are encouraged to think critically.

21. I have access to the tools I need to do my job.

22. I am dissatisfied with opportunities for my professional growth.

23. I look forward to coming to work every day.

24. I spend too much of my teaching time on disciplining students.

25. The best teachers and staff are retained at this school.

26. Teachers have close working relationships with each other.

27. Teachers talk with students about ways to understand and control emotions.

28. At this school, teachers are treated and respected as educational professionals.

29. At this school, it is common for students to tease and insult one another.

30. Parents respect their children's teachers.

31. I do not have enough autonomy over my classroom.

32. Adults who work in this school treat students with respect.

33. Adults who work in this school typically work well with one another.

34. Many students at this school go out of their way to treat other students badly.

35. Teachers at this school build strong relationships with students.

36. The code of student conduct is fair.

37. The school consistently enforces the code of student conduct.

38. Parents are actively involved with the school.

39. Students respect their teachers.

40. Parents are made to feel welcome in this school.

41. Parents know what is going on in this school.

42. Parents are aware of what is expected of their child at this school.

43. Parents care about how their child performs in school.

44. Students in this school respect each other's differences (for example, gender, race, culture, etc.).

45. I am proud to tell others that I work at this school.

46. School administrators recognize teachers for a job well-done.

47. The school staff respects and embraces diversity.

48. School administrators communicate effectively with others from diverse backgrounds.

49. This school encourages students to get involved in extracurricular activities.

50. School administrators follow through on commitments.

51. School administrators involve teachers in decision making and problem solving.

52. School administrators and school staff communicate with each other effectively.

53. School administrators promote the success of all students.

54. School administrators hold themselves to the same high expectations as others.

55. School administrators back me up when I need it.

56. School administrators are aware of what goes on in the classrooms.

57. This school is a good place for me to work and learn.